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High power and high density in EV batteries - the Formula 1 approach

Paul McNamara, Technical Director of Williams Advanced Engineering talks about the racing company’s Adaptive Multi-Chem technology and how technology transfer from Formula 1 will benefit volume production EVs in the future
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Scanning with electronic eyes to streamline the finished vehicle supply chain

Since the birth of the car industry there have been disagreements as to who is responsible for damage or missing parts on finished vehicles. Now a camera-based system can review and objectively ascertain damage liability from almost any angle in seconds
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Greater visibility is the key to a more streamlined supply chain

Dennis Manns has a possibly unique expertise and breadth of experience in the automotive industry, and particularly in logistics. 
Manns has established North Motors Group, an advisory service for OEMs and logistics providers, and outlines his view of the state of the finished vehicle industry and how his company can help all the players in the industry
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Let’s get phygital!

GEFCO has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, as a pan-European logistics provider that has set its sights on a more global footprint. Now, it is disrupting its own business model in a creative way, investing in and nurturing two exciting startups, combining its physical presence with two new digital platforms 

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Battery technology - from chemistry to recycling

The recent CENEX-LCV event in the UK saw many lively debates on the future of EV and hybrid battery technology. Speakers and delegates presented and discussed the challenges of bringing the UK into the fore of the global battery making scene

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Components made in Mexico - made right first time

Óscar Albín, Executive President of the Mexican Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers (INA) discusses the challenges faced by the supply base and its pride in its enviable quality record
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Heavyweight challenges and solutions in Mexico

Miguel Elizalde Lizarraga is the current Executive President of the National Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Truck Producers, (ANPACT). We caught up with him recently and asked him about the challenges facing the heavy vehicle industry in Mexico and how ANPACT works for its members
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Nissan in Mexico - short-sea shipping and security issues

Daniel Saenzpardo, Logistics Director of Nissan Mexicana talks about the challenges he faces working in this exciting but demanding region
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Vehicle distribution in Mexico - domestic and export demands

Guillermo Rosales Zárate, Director General, AMDA and Guillermo Prieto Treviño, current president of ALADDA and AMDA, discuss the challenges facing OEMs and carriers shipping vehicles in and out of Mexico and the impact of changing legislation and practices on the dealer networks
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Mexico’s ports - the key to the country’s automotive supply chain

The port sector in North America generally has seen a lot of investment activity in the last few years but Mexico in particular needs more cash injecting to match its growing importance as a automaking country
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Computing power and global contrasts

In Mexico, IT is at an earlier stage in the supply chain infrastructure and several players I talked to in the region say that this is the area where they would make, or encourage their colleagues and the OEMs to make, the greatest investments.
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