This recognition reafIrms GAZ's leading market position in
Russia and its potential for growth in export markets.
Despite a challenging economic environment, GAZ has led
the way in the Russian automotive sector, forging key
partnerships and posting substantive proIts to help drive
growth forward.
This accolade is a reJection of our team’s dedication and
professionalism and has only been achieved because of their
positive and ambitious attitude.”
David Cardle, Managing Director of Fraser Nash Associates,
and Eurovision-nominated Ukranian singer, Arina Domski
presented the thirteen awards in the following categories, to
remain unchanged for 2013: Terminals and Ports Operator,
Environmental Awareness, Most Supportive OEM, Third Party
Logistics, Shipping Company, Rail Company, Logistician of the
Year, Road Transport Company, IT Innovation, Aftermarket Parts
Logistics, Purchasing Executive and Vehicle Processing Centre.
The ceremony was followed by the Opera-Pop vocal talents of
Ms Domski, who was met with a roomful of applause and praise
for her impressive range.
While respectful mentions must go to the hardworking
nominees, BLG Logistics Group, the Bristol Port Company and
ROLF SCS, the eventual winner of the Port and Terminals
Operator was the Port of Zeebrugge for their good nautical
accessibility, good road and rail, recently-established modern
port equipment and large pool of skilled labour.
Miel Vermorgen, Director Sales and Logistics, collected the
award and made the point that, “Zeebrugge is a very large and
open port which can still offer a lot of open parking to the
companies which use us, thereby increasing Jexibility.
There are always good comments from our customers, who
are very pleased with the
service we give them.
The future today, as
we’ve been told during the
speeches, is very uncertain,
and everyone agrees that it’s
going to be bumpier, as so
much happening in the world
is upsetting the industry.”
The award to Nissan,
North America for the
Environmental Awareness
Award, was collected by Dan
Roovers, Vice President
Automotive Sales of ORBIS
Corporation, for their work in
partnership to standardise its
reusable packaging system
with a selected set of
container and pallet sizes in
a minimal amount of
stocked colours. The
nominees were Ryder and
Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Lines, both of which are rightly regarded as being in the
forefront of environmental awareness.
Talking about nominating Nissan for the award, Dan
Roovers said, “Nissan has made a very considerable effort in the
past couple of years to reduce the amount of air in their
transportation systems which has massive impact on the
I think many OEMs are going to follow that same path,
because a lot of OEMs continue to ship a lot of air in their
logistics systems, which is not good for the environment.”
Shortlisted for the Most Supportive OEM were BMW, Honda
and Toyota, all of which were praised for their willingness to
collaborate and support whenever possible. The winner, Jaguar
Land Rover, was praised for supporting its
suppliers and logistics
providers in challenging
economic circumstances.
Receiving the award,
Margaret Beever, JLR’s Senior
Purchasing Manager,
Manufacturing & Logistics,
said, “Our policy is to develop
long-term relationships with
our suppliers and create
situations whereby the supply
base and JLR can both beneIt
together so hopefully this
award is recognition of that
policy coming into practice.
We’ve got very
ambitious growth plans and
we’re growing at the
moment as a company, so
the opportunities for the
future are great for JLR and
hopefully our supplier base
will grow with us.”
Priority Freight took
the Third Party Logistics
Award, which was collected by Andrew
Austin, CEO, and Neil Williams, MD, in recognition of the way in
which the company has expanded, not only in geographic terms
but in operational areas. Adampol, CEVA Logistics and TCI
Supply Chain Solutions were highly regarded by the judges and
shortlisted for the award for their successful business practises.
Austin maintains that their win is due to ‘investing heavily
in sales and new operations, acquiring a company in London
Heathrow, and opening a new branch in Poland in the last six
months’ and added that ‘future’s very exciting and very
promising’ because they plan to ‘deploy the automotive we have
in automotive into other sectors, principally in Northern
continental geographies, though not exclusively – we’re looking
at other global economies’.
Although K Line and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines offer outstanding
service, they were beaten to this years’ Shipping Company
and the best...
Dan Roovers, Orbis Corportation
Miel Vermorgan, Port of Zeebrugge
Andrew Austin & Neil Williams,
Priority Freight
Margaret Beever & Al Jeory, JLR