The inaugural Automotive Supply Chain Awards were
presented recently in Frankfurt.
Laura King
Automotive Supply Chain magazine regularly brings you the
latest developments and innovations in automotive
manufacturing logistics and inventory, so it made sense that we
award the best and brightest companies and individuals within
the industry recognition of their achievements. The inaugural
Automotive Supply Chain Awards 2012 proved an unqualiIed
success in terms of networking opportunities and industry
feedback, and the judges look forward to the high standard of
competition for 2013 as the nominations open this month.
The Steigenberger Frankfurt Hof, Germany, proved an
excellent host for the four-course meal and entertainment and
Editor, and Chairman of the Judges, Sam Ogle opened the
ceremony with congratulations to all the nominees for their
triumphs in the past year
before introducing Michael
Robinet, Managing Director
of IHS Automotive, and his
short analysis on future
supply chain production
locations and the current
versus emerging markets.
Mr Robinet’s 20 years
of experience in various
research companies and
in Inance of tier one
suppliers has given him a unique and insightful perspective on
the statistics presented. His discourse on the self-made
economic dilemmas and their impact on the automotive supply
chain focused mainly on the shift from the Eurozone to Asia, as
the emerging markets overtook the current triad in terms of
consumption and demand.
The indomitable Bo Andersson then took the Joor for a
speech on the tough stance he has taken since joining GAZ
Group in Russia as President and CEO in 2009. His hard-hitting
approach saw him streamlining the business and it has paid off
as GAZ are now the top seller of light commercial vehicles and
buses in Russia. As a man who makes difIcult decisions every
day, and has to justify them to President Putin, he insists that
he’s tough but ‘I’m tougher on myself’.
Later there was the presentation of the Outstanding
Achievement Award to Mr Andersson, to honour his industrious
work and superb results, since leaving General Motors. Three
and a half years ago, Andersson took the reins at GAZ to Ind a
company deeply in debt, grossly over-staffed, with a poor
product range and archaic working practices. Under his
guidance new production strategy was implemented and GAZ
Group has delivered impressive Inancial results. In 2012, the
company more than doubled year-on-year net proIt which has
enabled it to signiIcantly increase investment in new projects.
Bo Andersson said, “I am honoured to receive this award.
The brightest
Bo Andersson, GAZ Group